About Charley Charles

Hi! I am so excited you have found my site! 

I am Carly the creator of Charley Charles. A baby and children's clothing and accessory brand specializing in high quality modern baby goods.  

Almost 9 years ago I began making baby products for my own daughters (now 9 and 5) and have been selling my handmade items them on Etsy for several years now. One of my most popular products is the one size fits all nylon headband. Years ago the only material available to make baby headbands was elastic. I didn't like the way it left a creepy indent on my babies head no matter how loose it was. That sparked my search for the perfect baby headband material. After testing SO MANY headband options, I landed on nylon as my preferred fabric. It is soft with great elasticity and perfect for delicate baby heads. I produced and used the nylon headbands for personal use in my shop, but after a barrage of requests I decided to sell them at wholesale prices so that other makers and handmade shops could use them for their product. Since then there have been many imposters selling headbands similar to mine, but my customers always returned to me with complaints about these other shops and the quality of their products. 

In an effort to keep up with demand and quality, I have been working with a US fabric manufacturer to create the perfect nylon blend fabric for my one of a kind Charley Charles brand headbands. You won't find a better fitting headband. 

All Charley Charles nylon headbands are proudly produced in the U.S.A!!!!!