LIGHT PINK Nylon Headbands

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This headband is a LIGHT PINK.

Custom designed nylon headband with the perfect amount of soft stretch and great recovery. 

Headbands don't get "runs" like other bands being sold. All colors are made from the same fabric blend so you can be sure you are getting uniform size and stretch with every color.

These headbands are one size fits all. Fits newborns and children+...Stretchy enough for adults too!

So soft and perfect for baby headbands. 

All headband colors are made of the same materials to ensure a consistent size, stretch, and quality.

Charley Charles was the first to develop and sell nylon headbands. And after 6 years of research and development these one of a kind bands are finally available for wholesale! You can stock your shop with bands to sell, or make your baby headbands with the highest quality most trusted brand! 

Proudly made in the U.S.A of high quality materials.