50 Pack High Quality Wholesale Nylon Headbands

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Each package contains 50 headbands.

Wholesale price of .30cents per headband. 

  • Skin Tone Pack: 10 of each skin tone color (Light Tan, Light Nude, Nude, Tan, Brown)
  • Color Pack: Package will contain 50 headbands in the color you selected

Current Colors are: Red, Orange, Peach, Coral, Light Yellow, Mustard, Light Blue, Dark Sage, Mint, Green, Olive, Light Green, Navy, Violet, Lilac, Dusty Purple, Maroon, Fuchsia, Nutmeg, Dusty Blush, Dusty Rose, Light Pink, White, Cream, Light Tan, Light Nude, Nude, Tan, Brown, Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey

FABRIC:::: These Nylon Headbands are actually handmade. I work with a fabric manufacturer to create a custom nylon blend fabric unlike any other. All headbands are cut and stretched by hand by a trained Charley Charles team member. 

STRETCH:::: Custom designed nylon headband with the perfect amount of soft stretch and great recovery. We have a custom thread spun for each run of fabric. It is possible on occasion that there is some slight variation from batch to batch of fabric. Each new batch of fabric is tested to make sure it meets our size and stretch standards. 

HIGH QUALITY:::: Charley Charles brand headbands don't get "runs" like other bands being sold. All colors are made from the same fabric blend so you can be you are getting uniform size and stretch with every color. (Feel may vary slightly based on color as each has a different dye process) 

SIZE:::: These headbands are one size fits ALL. Fits newborns and children+...Stretchy enough for adults too!

FEEL::::: So soft and perfect for baby headbands. 

UNIFORMITY: All headband colors are made of the same materials to ensure a consistent size, stretch, and quality. 

CUSTOM COLORS:::: Colors are changing all the time based on seasonal trends and popularity. Colors that will be available for long term purchase are - Black, Navy, White, Cream, Light Tan, Nude, Tan, Light Pink. All other colors are considered seasonal. If you have a color in mind and would like to order 3000+ bands color matches can be made. Allow 3+ weeks to match and dye fabric (A one time fee of $100 per color if you would like the color to not be sold to the general public) 

STORY::::: Charley Charles was the first to develop and sell nylon headbands. And after 6 years of research and development these one of a kind bands are finally available for wholesale! You can stock your shop with bands to sell, or make your baby headbands with the highest quality most trusted brand! 

ORIGIN:::::: Proudly made in the U.S.A of high quality materials. NEVER EVER IMPORTED!!!! 
(Be ware of other companies selling headbands claiming to be handmade!)